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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the astrological sign. For the astronomical constellation, see Aquarius constellation.

Daily Love Horoscope, Sunday, January 20, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

The Zodiac. Categories : Western astrological signs. Hidden categories: Wikipedia semi-protected pages Use mdy dates from April Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Here we encounter one person that is a very independent and is among those individuals who cannot be held or limited in any way, shape or form. They should be free; it is their deep need, to have independence so they could be happy in the right form of that word. People who are born on the 20th of January have a unique, insensitive exterior look and charm , and a kind heart that will try to help people in every way.

Lucky color

They are the people who love laughing and are always like to cheer people up, and whenever they feel well, they try to make others feel good. They do not expect anything in return; it is only essential for them that no one puts a silencer on their freedom, and that they can live without any obligation. They are very unconventional and always full of excitement, they still make life fun for friends. This date of birth gives people a significant amount of curiosity, making them continually wondering what they are doing is useful, they want others to apprehend and appreciate them, this is caused by fundamental insecurity and eternal question of whether other people will accept them as they are, but these feelings never go to the surface.

This is a blessing and flaw at the same time; maybe things would be better if they go out to the surface. This date of birth is connected to people who are in a way, as all Aquarius people, a visionary, unconventional, intellectual and independent. These are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their way; they love mental stimulation, they continuously discover something new, they form new opinions and stubbornly do things their own way regardless of what other people think.

On the more negative note, the humans who are born on the January 20 are full of paradoxes; they are interested in the different places of the spectrum, they like to be alone but also in a large society.

January 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In love, like in all other matters in life, individuals who are born on the 20th day of the first month of the year are incredibly independent. They are witty, smart, adventurous, never intrusive or jealous; they never demand things from their partners or are overly emotional. Also, they can be unpredictable and eager for excitement, but in a right way.

Their partners need to conquer their heart and to treat them with respect, as equal to themselves. A Communication is a key to being with the person whose birthdates is on January 20th โ€” they will always strive to have something of their own because they fear they will lose their identity. If you give them everything they need, they will be completely faithful, so you do not have to worry when they are alone, give them space and respect their privacy and everything will be fine. In the matters of life purpose, people who are born on January 20 are in search of wisdom, they are very insightful and can collect information about everything very objectively because their emotions do not bother them, it seems that those emotions are always and when they speak, they always tell the truth.

Sometimes their words and actions can be shocking and painful for the feelings of others, but they tell everyone the fact in the face- especially regarding their jobs, they feel that it is their obligation. They are progressive thinkers and often influence the formation of a new ideology and theory, any kind of research is very suitable for them.

These assumptions, in turn, are based on past issues that you feel are settled.


By revisiting these issues, you increase the likelihood that you would come up with more efficient solutions that can lead to better results. Similarly, you need structure for you to really stick to a program and hang on to it until you achieve its logical conclusion. Also, like Air, when you are put under a lot of pressure and heat, you can explode. This is due to the fact that you stand by your ideas. You are big on ideas and if you feel that your ideas are somehow being dismissed out of hand, you take it personally.

Like a typical Aquarius, you often have a tough time separating yourself from the things you say and the ideas you believe in.

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You are constantly caught between predictability and certainty of past systems and your aching desire for new ideas and new ways of doing things. They are not necessarily conflicting and can actually lead to great combinations that would produce amazing results. For Aquarius people born on the 20 th of January, you need to work on being more forgiving and welcoming of differences of opinion.

Imperial Green is your governing color. Imperial Green is elegant, tasteful, sophisticated and beautiful.

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  8. It is definitely very easy on the eyes. However, critics can also view it as elitist, exclusivist, and ultimately, overbearing. The luckiest numbers for people born on the 20 th of January are 17, 32, 49, 62 and In short, they have a sweet tooth! Self-discipline is always a strong suit of the Capricorn zodiac sign, of course, but it only takes a slice of cake or two for these people to start beating themselves up and spiralling into guilt and self-loathing.

    Personality and Character

    There are certainly worse. A little bit of teamwork and tolerance can go a long way in unlocking your fullest potential as a person in all areas of your life. Remember that assumptions are made to be challenged.