Horoscope for november 16 born

Often these people cannot devote themselves to a particular business and progress in it if they do not find the right person in their life who will give them balance to the enormous amount of stress that they can have. Unfortunately, at least, as far as love is concerned, a lot of time needs to pass until right qualities appear, and those who are born on November 16 are more than ready to wait for the perfect match.

They will do anything, but will never allow themselves to set for less, not in love, not in life.

And we must admit that even if this way of life is not for everyone, for these Scorpios is more than recommended to wait for their real partner since that person would be a balancing force in their lives in general. People who are born on November 16 are interested in social issues and everyday topics; they love science and are a passionate book reader.

They should speak in public since they can be very persuasive people who can lead the team. Undoubtedly these Scorpios who are born on November 16 will succeed at work, but not before they break all old traditions and direct their business toward something progressive and new. This ability and need if you will can be used well in many occupations, and this is the reason why you will find those who belong to November 16 in many different professions.

Your daily horoscope: November 16

Also, it is recommended for them to choose friends carefully — choose those that you can have good or from which you can learn something or progress. It is also recommended for them to foster more sincerity and cordiality. They are attractive — should use it, and on top of all this these persons have a lot more than ordinary talents, but rarely use them.

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They should point their actions into the development of their hidden powers and success will come. Number 7 is one fascinating number that can be found in this date — those who are born on November 16 are impressed with their ideas and that they lose contact with reality, such problems can only arise in a certain time. Scorpios born on November 16 are under the planetary symbolism that comes from planets Neptune and Pluto — this combination usually guarantees a firm attachment to an objective, especially financial reality.

Neptune is the planet that rules art, and we connect him with intuition, dreams, dreams, imagination, romance and deep insight. Accordingly, bad aspects speak of deception, self-denial, addiction, and clumsiness. In this planetary symbolism, there must be caution. People who are under the action of Pluto have depth, both emotional and internal, and intensity in everything. Instincts are strong, intuition is often expressed, and the subconscious is also powerful and takes the lead.

This analysis means that these people are reviewing views and changing attitudes. It is recommended for these people to examine and analyse their dreams and ideals. Because of the increased psychic and intuitive ability that these people receive from these two planets, dreams can have meaningful messages and reasonable solutions.

November 16th, , Saturday | 13 Must Know Facts

To reconcile with intimate feelings, thoughts of people born on November 16 are turned to spiritual issues. Some controversies surround historical events that took place on this day, but they are meaningful in every way and deserve their position on this list. We ask from you to look at the biographies of these famous people who find their place on our list — all of them achieve success in their lives, even if some names are not so familiar. These are very intuitive people who can listen well and are ready to give others the best of themselves.

They spend a lot of time examining and analysing, and they are perfectionists. They may seem wise beyond their years. Their stern attitude makes them appear humorless, yet they have a wonderful personality. They are self-effacing. When they display their less complicated side, they are likable. November 16 individuals have the rare ability to teach and learn from friends.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

They are among the most passionate and romantic of the year. Their love bridges a void between the complex and the simple. They understand the spiritual aspects of love and judge with their hearts more than with their minds.

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  • November 16 men and women have the ability to look at their childhood with philosophical understanding. They have some unusual ideas about parenting. They don't believe in forcing their children to accept their views of life but encourage them to form their own opinions and find their own values.

    November 16 natives are not health conscious.

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    They don't like to feel they must maintain a strict diet or exercise routine to stay healthy. They prefer an esoteric approach, surrounding themselves with beautiful objects and beautiful thoughts. It's important they get enough exercise.